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Sun Mining provides cloud mining of crypto-currencies bitcoin, dashcoin, ethereum and other altcoins for anyone who wants to receive a steady income without buying expensive equipment. Computing capacity is powered by solar energy, which is a response to the earlier criticism of environmentalists that Internet companies are not environmentally friendly consuming electricity.

Sun Mining rigs?

Sun Mining is a peculiar sort of cloud mining operation that claims to be environmentally friendly. As the their domain title suggests, takes an eco-friendly marketing approach towards attracting prospective cryptocurrency investors by asserting that their mining operation is entirely fueled by solar power. Whether or not there is any truth to these claims are just a few of the key points we will disclose to you throughout our in-depth review.

What is Sun Mining?

Sun Mining is a cloud mining platform that enables investors to deposit into their platform in order to virtually mine cryptocurrencies. Incentivized initial deposits are encouraged on their platform where the more an investor is willing to depart with from the start the more hash power they will receive for the mining of cryptocurrencies. Separate packages are offered through their platform where investors can choose to purchase hashing power for any of the following supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or Litecoin.

Who is Behind Sun Mining? was allegedly founded in 2015 by private investors who reside within Australia. Coincidentally, these private investors also possessed large amounts of empty flat lands which they then designed to harbor their unique solar power stations and data centers. No legitimate corporate entity is disclosed on the site and the Terms and Conditions fails to make reference to any corporate entity that would be responsible for the business practices being carried out through their platform.

What does Sun Mining Offer?

Sun Mining gives investors, who wish to mine cryptocurrencies, an ability to purchase hashing power without having to procure any of the mining equipment normally required. This operational model frees the investor from the customary responsibilities of having to purchase mining rigs, manage electricity costs along with handle maintenance fees that accrue over time. Potential investors are able to choose between 16 different packages that each come with a 3 year long contract.

Sun Mining site screenshot with mining farms

Sun Mining, whose data centers are allegedly operating solely from solar power, claim to be able to provide their mining packages for 25% less than competitive cloud mining operations. While we have no way to discredit this absurd claim, it still fails to explain the unrealistic returns promised through their platform. According to their calculation widget featured on their site, an investment of about 0.1 BTC would result in a profit only after 90 days. The cumulative return predicted would be nearly 1,545%, or an annual return of 515%.

Sun Mining Pricing

Sun Mining’s main subscription plans have a fixed hashrate and a fixed price. The “Easy” bitcoin mining plan, for example, gives you 1,000 GH/s in exchange for a $172 payment today. That $172 gives you access to that hashrate for a 3 year period. The company claims you can expect to make $35.20 per month on that subscription – although obviously, profits vary widely depending on market conditions.

If you want to customize your hashrate, then Sun Mining lets you do that as well. Sun Mining lets you choose a hashrate between 100 GH/s (on the lowest end) and 300,000 GH/s (on the highest end).

Bitcoin Plans

  • Ultra Light: 100 GH/s / $18 / 3 Year Contract
  • Easy: 1,000 GH/s / $172 / 3 Year Contract
  • Relax: 10,000 GH/s / $1650 / 3 Year Contract
  • Sale: 60,000 GH/s / $6930 / 3 Year Contract

Ethereum Plans

  • Ultra Light: 1 MH/s / $20 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 10 MH/s / $200 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 100 MH/s / $2,000 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 500 MH/s / $7,000 / 2 Year Contract

Dash Plans

  • Ultra Light: 5 MH/s / $23 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 50 MH/s / $230 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 500 MH/s / $2250 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 2500 MH/s / $7175 / 2 Year Contract

Litecoin Plans

  • Ultra Light: 2,000 KH/s / $24 / 2 Year Contract
  • Easy: 20,000 KH/s / $240 / 2 Year Contract
  • Relax: 200,000 KH/s / $2,400 / 2 Year Contract
  • Sale: 1,000,000 KH/s / $7,000 / 2 Year Contract

Your contract includes all of the costs. Sun Mining is also open and upfront about the profit you can expect to earn from each contract. The lowest plans might earn you just $1 to $5 in expected profit for month, for example, while the highest plans can earn over $1500 per month (or more, if you order one of the customized higher hashrate plans).

Sun Mining Features

What makes Sun Mining different from other cloud mining providers? Here are some of the features and benefits outlined on the official website:


Sun Mining promises to offer the best prices in the cryptocurrency industry, and claims its packages are about 25% cheaper than competitors’ plans, on average.


Sun Mining designed its mining operation specifically to combat claims from environmentalists that cryptocurrencies are bad for the environment. Sun Mining’s operation is powered entirely by solar energy.

No Maintenance Required From The Customer:

If you run your own mining operation, you’re responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the rigs. Sun Mining, like other cloud mining providers, takes a cut of the profits in exchange for maintaining its own rigs.


Sun Mining’s energy supply is based on its own solar energy. It doesn’t depend on a city network or any other third party energy provider.

Begin Mining Immediately:

After you purchase your payment plan, you can begin mining immediately. You don’t need to wait for parts to be delivered to your home.

Can Sun Mining be Trusted?

Sun Mining has failed to prove their operation as one that is transparent or trustworthy. Operating essentially as an anonymous platform while offering returns that don’t dwell within the vicinity of being plausible are common traits found amongst cloud mining scams. No mention of which mining hardware they are using is disclosed. Moreover, the site claims to have been in operation since 2015, yet a WHOIS report will reveal that was only created on July 9th, 2017.

Sun Mining claims to be based in Sydney, Australia on its official website – although as you’ll learn below, the company appears to be led by a Russia-based team, and it’s unclear where the actual mining facility is located.

Sun Mining lists its location as the following address in Sydney:

1 Farrer Place
Sydney, NSW 2000

That’s the address for the Governor Philip Tower, located in Sydney’s CBD. A quick look at that building’s website reveals that you can purchase a business address or a virtual office from that building for as little as $100 AUD. Since Sun Mining doesn’t provide a suite number or any further address information, it seems unlikely that they are actually located in downtown Sydney.

Complicating things further is that many of the Sun Mining social media pages, including their Twitter profile, are written in Russian. The team provides no further information about themselves or its qualifications.

Popularity possess a SimiliarWeb global rank of 218,748 as of December 2017. Almost 20% of the sites traffic is referral based where review and forum sites like are debating the legitimacy of this operation. Most investor feedback asserts this operation as a possible scam that exhibits characteristics similar to that of Ponzi schemes.

Sun Mining Review Conclusion

While the concept of cloud mining appeals to a great number of cryptocurrency investors, they are often a cesspool for investment schemes. If you are drawn towards any cloud mining sites, make sure you conduct thorough research regarding their ownership and take the time to see if their promised returns seem too good to be true. If they appear so, then chances are that you are most likely at risk of signing up with a fraudulent scam operation.

Sun Mining could be a legitimate solar-powered cloud mining company. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide complete transparency about its operations or its facilities. They list an address in Sydney, Australia on their homepage – although that address doesn’t appear to be legitimate.

The cryptocurrency cloud mining industry is filled with problematic companies and scams. Sun Mining may be a legitimate cloud mining provider. However, you may want to wait for more information about the company to appear online before you send money to the company for one of its mining plans.

Review Verdict: Sun Mining is a SCAM!

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