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Based in Canada, NuVoo Mining is a company that focuses on providing users with the tools for them to take the first steps into the crypto/mining world. NuVoo offers a Cloud Mining, Dedicated Miner and Colocation Miner service. NuVoo also offers solutions for experts and large-scale entrepreneurs from one unit farm to multiple tier-1home dedicated mining farm. NuVoo offers a billingual (French and English ) live customer support service so clients can get access to instant support.

NuVoo Mining is a cryptocurrency mining company that promises to make it easy to step into bitcoin mining for the first time. Here’s our review.

What is NuVoo Mining?

NuVoo Mining – what is it? NuVoo Mining is a new cryptocurrency mining company that promises to make it easy to step into bitcoin mining for the first time. NuVoo offers a cloud mining service, dedicated  miner and colocation miner service.

NuVoo bitcoin mining system is ideal for beginners and it also offers solutions for experts and large-scale investors.

NuVoo Mining the payouts are generated daily, but you will receive your payouts only once they have accumulated to a certain quantity. For example, as of September 2017, the minimum payout for BTC is 0.0015 BTC. These minimum payouts are set in order to avoid paying excessive fees for receiving small payouts in your wallets.

The company currently offers Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin mining. All miners are run from the province of Quebec, Canada. You have access to webcams 24/7 to view their miners in operation. Since most electricity in Quebec comes from hydroelectric dams, NuVoo Mining emphasizes lower costs and greener energy than its competitors. It`s also cold for a significant part of the year, so NuVoo Mining can offer reduced cooling costs.

All mining is done over the cloud. You pay the company money today in exchange for a certain hashrate, then reap whatever profits are generated by your rig.

NuVoo Mining Features

NuVoo Mining advertises all of the following features:

Lower Cost of Cooling: Miners located in cooler parts of the world have a huge advantage. They can access reduced cooling costs. NuVoo Mining’s data center is located in a tundra climate zone where cooling is not an issue for 10 months of the year.

Remote Management: You don’t have to worry about managing or maintaining your own mining rig. You can let someone else worry about it.

NuVoo mining features

Green Energy: Most of the province of Quebec runs on hydroelectric energy. NuVoo Mining emphasizes the fact that it uses 100% energy from renewable sources.

Low Electricity Rates: NuVoo Mining’s use of renewable, hydroelectricity also leads to lower electrical rates. Electricity rates in Quebec typically range from 5 to 8 cents per kWh.

Web Panel Dashboard: Customers can access all information about their mining rigs from the convenient online dashboard.

24/7 Webcam Access: Some mining companies give you no information about your miners, where they’re located, or how they’re running. NuVoo Mining takes a different approach, offering investors 24/7 webcam monitoring of their rigs.

Physical Security: NuVoo Mining’s facility has 24/7 security with card entry, biometrics scanners, video monitoring, and other security systems.

Redundant Power Sources: NuVoo Mining doesn’t mention any specific downtime rates. However, they claim to have redundant power sources and an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) backup – so downtime may not be an issue whatsoever.Everybody Can Do It

NuVoo Mining Pricing

NuVoo Mining offers Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin mining packages. Here are their pricing:

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Plans

Mining PlansSTARTER
Hash Power Guarantee621.95 GH/s

1865.87 GH/s3731.76 GH/s7463.53 GH/s22390.60 GH/s44781.21 GH/s74635.43 GH/s149270.88 GH/s
Energy Daily Fee0.00021$ per 1 GH/s0.00021$ per 1 GH/s0.00021$ per 1 GH/s0.00021$ per 1 GH/s0.00021$ per 1 GH/s0.00021$ per 1 GH/s0.00021$ per 1 GH/s0.00021$ per 1 GH/s
Maintenance FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo Fee
In StockPre-order July batchPre-order July batchPre-order July batchPre-order July batchPre-order July batchPre-order July batchPre-order July batchPre-order July batch
Contract DurationOpen-EndedOpen-EndedOpen-EndedOpen-EndedOpen-EndedOpen-EndedOpen-EndedOpen-Ended

NuVoo Mining guarantees 99.9% uptime. There are no energy fees or maintenance fees attached to the prices above. All contracts are open ended. Payouts are generated daily, although withdrawal limits are set at 0.0015 BTC. NuVoo Mining also has a profit calculator on their website to give you an idea of how much money you’ll make with each mining plan.

About NuVoo Mining

NuVoo Mining is officially registered in Cyprus under the name Nuvoo TM or “G.O. Great Offers Direct Ltd.” The name “Canadian Mining Farm Agent”, a Quebec City-based company, is also mentioned on the official NuVoo website.

NuVoo Mining seems to be open and transparent about its contact information, and provides phone numbers and email addresses to get in contact with the team.


NuVoo Mining is a cloud mining company based in Quebec, Canada. The company emphasizes cheap electrical rates and low cooling costs (not only is Quebec cold for much of the year, but it also has easy access to cheap, renewable electricity).

Right now, NuVoo Mining only appears to offer cloud mining. However, the company has pages reserved for mining hardware, dedicated mining, and colocation mining, so it’s possible that they’re introducing more services in the future.

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