What Is Minehive?

minehive.eu is share profit bitcoin cloud mining farm, providing community with the best available equipment on the market and the best price for the real hashing power in the future.

Minehive is an ever-growing pool of miners, since May 2018, with a place for anyone who would like to join. minehive. miners are connected to the BTC pool and the AntPool. Every user receives a percentage of all mined BTC (after deducting electricity costs). Company doesn’t transfer hashing power from pool to pool.

Currently (July 2018) there are 1500 TH/s of power available for rent. Company always striving to offer a place in  constantly growing “hive” for anyone who would like to invest in mining by supplying new equipment and maintaining that which they already have.

At this stage all income is directed to further development of “hives” to increase efficiency.
You can calculate ROI and see its dependence on the bitcoin exchange rate on official website minehive.eu or on your dashboard on my.minehive.eu

minehive. team is continuously working on the improvement of their services, and they are always on the hunt for the new solutions to make your experience with minehive. as smooth as possible!

What unique service features minehive. gives for you?

5 minutes lap between you and bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining is a technically complicated process, but thanks to minehive., your hardest task will be choosing the hashing power you want.

Secure and easy mining 24/7.

Start mining immediately after your payment is confirmed.

Contract duration

minehive. offer 24-month bitcoin mining contract period.

Access to the industry’s best equipment and world’s largest mining pools.

To maintain high efficiency, minehive. use the best currently available bitcoin mining equipment and working with best mining pools. They handle everything, while you focus on mining.

First-class customer support.

minehive. environment is being continuously supervised, but if you think you are having an issue or just want to say “hi!” you can always contact support team. Get an advantage with open statistics and user friendly dashboard.

The absolute absence of withdrawal limits and maintenance fee.

No hidden or additional service payments. minehive. strives to provide you with the best service ever, so they eliminated all maintenance fees and withdrawal limits. Yes, it’s not a mistake – there are no minimum withdrawal amounts and no withdrawal fees (except for the miner fee, which is deducted from the transaction amount, you only pay for the electricity you use, which is calculated as a percentage of your daily profit depending on the amount of hashing power you rent).

minehive. team

minehive. technical staff is competent and qualified in the matters related to the construction of complex network solutions with blockchain technologies, mining and various engineering tasks necessary for the round-the-clock support of the continuous operation of the entire ecosystem.

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