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Hashing24 is a cloud mining contract provider created by professionals for individuals both beginners and experts in the mining world. The Hashing24 team has been involved in a mining business since 2012. Its initial mining power supplier is one of the industry’s leaders – BitFury.

Hashing24 is an online Bitcoin mining service, which for a fixed fee payment, will allow you create an account and have bitcoins autonomously mined on your behalf. Compared to most other cryptocurrency mining service providers we have come across, Hashing 24 does not offer short-term contracts but rather accentuates on providing a quality service for their investors.

Hashing24 has its addresses and offices listed publicly on its website. The offices are located in Republic of Ireland and Ukraine.

Hashing24 do not host their own or mining facilities or servers, instead, they choose the most reliable and reputable mining companies to serve their mining needs. They ensure the companies they use offer warranties for their equipment and its maintenance. Hashing24 is using BitFury, one of the industry’s leaders in mining power.

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Available Cloud mining Plans

Hashing24 lets you set a custom plan. You can rent exactly the amount of hash power you want, or spend only a certain amount on hash power if you are on a budget.

One unique feature is that Hashing24 actually sells you ONLY newly minted bitcoins. This proves that the company is actually mining and not selling you bitcoins they’ve already been holding. Once your bitcoins are sent to you from the company, you can verify that the coins are newly minted using any block explorer.

Hashing24 features

Hashing24.com operates in a manner expectant among most other Bitcoin mining operations. Potential investors are first required to register an account through the site where they will then be prompted to determine which hashing power plan they would like to get started with. All new contracts will last 24 months upon activation. You can place orders at a favorable price of USD 68.40 per 1 TH/s for a contract.

The third step to the sign-up process will then require investors to further deposit their bitcoins in order to secure a secondary contract which will cover their expected daily ROI and provide them with more information of what they can expect with this service. The order will then get sent to BitFury, which allegedly is a mining data center headquartered out of Europe.

The last two steps of the sign-up process are relatively straightforward and are fulfilled by the autonomous mining process that begins with the clients’ desired contract, then completed when the clients receive their daily newly mined bitcoins.

Not ready to mine for real yet? Hashing24 offers Demo Mining, where you can try out different options, play around with the site and understand the fundamentals of mining without risking your own money.

How much can you earn? Use Hashing24 easy Mining Calculator to estimate your potential income.

Hashing24 is for anyone that wants to get started in the world of digital currencies by mining Bitcoins.

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