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Genesis Mining is a top rated and largest Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining company. Providing quality service to the community for almost five years, Genesis is constantly adding new data centers across the world. Established with Bitcoin mining, the platform has expanded its operations to include Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash, and Monero cloud mining.

Company Background

Founded in 2013, the platform has over 1,000,000 customers subscribing to its cloud mining contracts, making it the world’s first large scale multi-algorithm cloud mining hashpower provider. Iceland, Canada and Bosnia and Herzegovina became base countries for company data centers.

The company also provides video of certain sections of its data centers in Iceland.

Genesis Mining Cloud Hashing Prices

Bitcoin mining contracts on Genesis Mining is open-ended, and the duration of such contracts is decided by few factors like mining difficulty, BTC/USD exchange rates, and maintenance fees. Also service offers the liberty for users to create their own custom plans for profitable mining. The maintenance fees are charged only when the mining operation over the platform is profitable.

The different mining contracts available on Genesis Mining are:

CryptocurrencyPackage NamePriceHashPowerDuration
BitcoinGold$2851 TH/s5 years
BitcoinPlatinum$1,4005 TH/s5 years
BitcoinDiamond$6,87525 TH/s5 years
DASHGemini$1023,000 MH/s2 Years
DASHFerox$99030,000 MH/s2 Years
DASHGraviton$9,600300,000 MH/s2 Years
EthereumSmall$525 25 MH/s2 Years
EthereumMedium$1,50075 MH/s2 Years
EthereumLarge$6,650350 MH/s2 Years

Customer Support

Years of experience in the sector has enabled Genesis Mining to set up a comprehensive Customer Service section on the website. The section has an exhaustive list of FAQs on almost all possible issues, errors or confusion the customers could face while on the platform. If the user is unable to find the solution among existing FAQ listings, they can always fill a form requesting for support. Once the user submits a ticket, the company’s representatives will get in touch with the concerned user to resolve the issue.

Payouts and Payments

Miners on Genesis Mining platform don’t have to worry about their payouts. The platform has a long-standing practice of clearing any dues owed to its customers on a daily basis. Subscribers of cloud mining contracts stand to receive a daily payout of their investment in their designated cryptocurrency wallets. However, in cases where the user has paid for his contract using MasterCard or Visa credit/debit cards, the payout will be withheld for 30+2 days as a part of its fraud prevention and security practice. Once the stipulated period is passed, the user will receive the accumulated payout in his/her wallet. After that, they will start receiving daily payouts.

Contracts can be bought on Genesis Mining by making the payment with leading cryptocurrencies, bank transfers in USD or EUR denominations and through credit and debit cards.

CEO Marco Streng


Genesis Mining understands how crucial security is, especially while dealing with cryptocurrencies and user information. In order to ensure the safety of user accounts, the platform employs two-factor authentication, and in cases where the user has lost access to the account, the support team will restore access only after thoroughly verifying the customer’s details, which includes a personal dialog.

Genesis cloud mining platform promises 100% uptime for the mining operations, which can be monitored and managed using Genesis Hive. At the same time, in the event of any unforeseen events that might affect the mining operation, the platform has contingencies in place, which includes algorithms to allocate other miners to relevant pools to fully compensate possible hashpower loss.


Genesis Mining is the most established cloud mining company in the market. The platform has built an enviable reputation, with unprecedented transparency and operational history. While the pricing of its packages can be a bit expensive, Genesis is recommended for those who need the very best in quality, regardless of the cost.

Since the Genesis Mining Service was started, it has continued to save cryptocurrency miners money through various deals, coupon codes, discounts and other ways. This has catapulted the company to the number one spot of global cloud mining firms. Genesis Genesis Mining

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