About company

Cryptouniverse is the creation of true cryptoenthusiasts, who are in love with the world of crypto and the endless opportunities it provides. Cryptouniverse team fully understand the innovative significance of blockchain technology and put all our efforts into the development of cryptocommunity.

Service started in the spring of 2017. That was the exact point in time when the founders of the company decided to assemble the team of the best experts of cryptocommunity, IT-specialists and engineers. Cryptouniverse team united by the common goal – to create a powerful tech center and make cloud mining an accessible business opportunity for anyone interested.Cryptouniverse team

After registering company on 20 th of July 2017, provider specialists went on a big business trip around China. That is where they started doing business with the largest cryptocurrency mining hardware producers:



In autumn 2017 Cryptouniverse started to install and set up their own miners. Soon, the first data centers were launched and service is still continuing with a massive project aimed on creating a powerful tech center. The location chosen for the tech center is optimal because of the favorable climate – it is not exposed to either extreme temperatures or high humidity. Company puts emphasis on the preparation and maintenance of data centers – custom-made software and modernized industrial cooling system guarantee effective twenty-four- seven mining operation.

Cryptouniverse is different from the other cloud mining services. They care about reputation; therefore, all the hardware they provide is ready for exploitation. Company do not take full prepay and leave you waiting for the arrival of the hardware. Cryptouniverse operates on their own land with their own resources. And guarantees full protection of your investment.

Cryptouniverse today – is a company growing with incredible rate in the conditions of tough competition.

How it works

Cryptouniverse team created a special cloud mining service, which allows you to mine Bitcoin and Litecoin without the inconvenience of hardware maintenance – this, provider takes upon itself! Create a personal account, choose the rate you prefer and start getting cryptocurrency rewards to your account daily. Your personal account will also provide you with detailed statistics, analytics and forecasts in real time.

How do they do it?

Hardware. There are thousands of miners installed in data centers (Asic Bitmain AntMiner S9 and L3+). These machines are created specifically for cryptocurrency mining.Data centers mine Bitcoin and Litecoin for you by using the SHA-256 and SCRYPT algorithms. Round- the-clock control and professional maintenance allows to achieve the full potential of Asic- miners’ effectiveness and performance.

Pools. After installation and setup, service connect the miners to the pools. Cryptouniverse choose the pools according to these criteria:

  • Reliability;
  • The number of rejects;
  • Justified commission.

Payments. All partners receive the cryptocurrency rewards to their accounts daily. The amount of rewards is calculated according to the chosen rates.

Data centers

Cryptouniverse Data Centers are high-tech facilities, prepared and built in accordance with the requirements of industrial crypto-currency mining. The conditions created in the data centers make it possible to achieve maximum efficiency of the miners.Дата-центры Cryptouniverse
Cryptouniverse Data Centers, are fully insured as well as all the other property of the company. A reliable security company assures the safety of the equipment and facilities at all times.

Service features

You will enjoy and benefit from working with Cryptouniverse – and here is why.

Service have everything you need for mining. Just choose a desired computing power and start gaining income. Company start mining for you right after the payment has been made.

Low initial investment and high ROI – even the minimum investment will generate profits. Moreover, you will be able to reinvest your profits to increase the hashrate, which in turn will boost your income.


Your account will provide you with detailed statistics of operations, balance information, analytics, forecasts and all necessary settings. No unnecessary buttons: an intuitive account interface will ensure convenient interaction with the website.

The website is protected from all types of DDoS-based attacks. Cryptouniverse use GlobalSign’s SSL certificate for secure connection. Two-factor authentication provides additional protection of your data.

Mined cryptocurrency rewards reach your account every 24 hours. To receive your payout, all you have to do is fill in a request in your Personal account.


Service fully implement our obligations under the online agreement (hardware setup and maintenance). Your contract is insured by the company’s property.


Custom-made software and industrial ventilation system guarantee stable computing power and trouble-free operation of the hardware. In the unlikely case of hardware failure, your contract will be automatically switched to our backup facilities. Company guarantee 24/7 uninterrupted operation.

You can join a live webcast and see your miner in operation at any time.


Service take care of all the difficulties in hardware installation, repair and maintenance, and charge only a small fee for that.

Experts in the Cryptouniverse laboratory ensure stable hardware operation and eliminate all failures in a timely manner.

How to start?

  • Create a user account
  • Choose the hashrate and contract duration
  • Pay the charge of your choice and get mining rewards to your account daily

Cryptouniverse Pricing

Cloud Mining Bitcoin 365
USD 79 per TH/s
Cloud Mining Bitcoin 2025
USD 159 per TH/s
Cloud Mining Litecoin 365
USD 1.12 per MH/s
Cloud Mining Litecoin 2025
USD 1.59 per MH/s
Minimal hashrate amount: 0.5 TH/s
Maintenance fee: included in contract price
Duration: 1 year
Limited number of contracts
Minimal hashrate amount: 0.3 TH/s
Maintenance fee: 0.13 USD for TH/s per day
Duration: until January 1, 2025
Limited number of contracts
Minimal hashrate amount: 36 MH/s
Maintenance fee: included in contract price
Duration: 1 year
Limited number of contracts
Minimal hashrate amount: 25 MH/s
Maintenance fee: 0.0027 USD for MH/s per day
Duration: until January 1, 2025
Limited number of contracts

You do not have to wait for hardware supply and installment. ASIC-miners are installed and ready to operate. Service start mining for you right after a payment is made.

Choose the package you want and earn your first coins in just 24 hours!


Cryptouniverse has proven itself as a reliable cloud mining service provider with in-depth knowledge of the industry, already-made infrastructure and affordable plans. The platform is one of the trustworthy cloud mining service providers.

This service is effective tool for cloud mining of bitcoin and litecoin. Cryptouniverse.io is the preferred choice for your investments. Cryptouniverse – Your reliable partner in the field of cryptocurrency mining!

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